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Free Versus Paid Social Media WordPress Plugins

The best things in life are not always free. Some things are worth paying a little money for in order to have better features, functions and fast and professional support – not to mention avoiding the problems and inconvenience caused whenever a free plugin is abandoned by the developer (as happens a lot).

Another problem with many free plugins is that plugin updates can often be slow/non-existent, causing the plugin to no longer work. Every time a social media platform changes its protocols or API (which happens regularly) it usually will require an update to the plugins interacting with the social media platform. Those plugins will need updating or they will no longer work, and if the changes are major – or if the plugins are very old – they can cause errors or even break your site. Old or outdated plugins can also be a security risk.

And lastly – SUPPORT. Free plugins do not usually come with any support. At best it is limited, and often requires patience whilst you wait for help on the WordPress forums or the plugin page, and which may not come. So if a plugin is crucial or important to your business then it is wise to pay a little money for a premium plugin in order to have support from the developer when/if you need it.

Choose Your Social Media Plugins Wisely…

Social media plugins therefore need to be selected very carefully, and it is one of those areas where it is usually better to go premium if you can afford it (…another area is any software that deals with financial matters, such as shopping carts, and plugins which manage users confidential data, such as membership plugins, as both of these can also be a target for hackers too). It is usually is only a relatively small fee to buy premium Social Media WordPress Plugins when compared to other paid options available for social media posting, (such as paid 3rd-party platforms) and they will save you much more in saved time and gained productivity.

If you do choose a free plugin however, perhaps select one where there is also a premium version available too (as those plugins tend to not be abandoned by their developers and you can usually upgrade later without too much work or disruption). When one considers what they can do for your business, premium social media marketing plugins are usually well worth the small financial outlay.

There are many social media plugins available for WordPress, both free and premium, here is our choice of what we believe are the best.

Our #1 Choice: Blog2Social (Premium Version)

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Blog2Social WordPress plugin (Premium Version) is our #1 Choice for Best Automatic Social Media Posting via WordPress and is available in both free and premium versions. The Blog2Social premium version has many more features and it allows auto-posting, scheduling, a Drag & Drop (Social Media posting) Calendar and much more.

Customizing blog posts with the Blog2Social social media plugin for WordPress

Blog2Social WordPress plugin allows you to manage all of your social media posting right from your WordPress website – You can read more about it hereAutomate Your Social Media Posts With Blog2Social WordPress Plugin or visit the Blog2Social plugin website for more details.

#2 Choice: Blog2Social (Free Version)

Blog2Social WordPress Plugin (Free Version) is our #2 Choice for Best Social Media Posting via WordPress. Whilst it has only some of the features of the premium version it is still one of the best free plugins available for social media posting on WordPress websites, and the 60,000+ downloads and 1,000+ 5 star reviews listed on prove it. Some of the features available in the free version are:

Description (From

Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling Plugin for WordPress Sites and Blogs.
Auto-post, cross-promote, schedule and automatically share your blog posts to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, XING, Instagram, Pinterest, Imgur, Flickr, Reddit,, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, Diigo, Bloglovin and Telegram.
Blog2Social automatically creates social media posts for your content and auto-posts at the best times for each network. Save time and pain of manually sharing and promoting your site on social media.

You can upgrade to Blog2Social Premium after trying the free version to access all the advanced features: Social media scheduling, auto-posting and connect multiple accounts per network as well as social media groups and pages.

You can read more about it and or download it for free from the plugins listing page on the WordPress plugin repository.

VIDEO: Social Media Automation: How to Automatically Share and Schedule Your Blog Posts with Blog2Social
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