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Stop sweating taxes

Life is hard enough without obsessing over tax rules at home and abroad. Countries across the globe are introducing new digital (and non-digital) taxes for goods purchased by their citizens from sellers in other countries (in other words, if your business is based in Australia and you happen to sell goods or services online to someone living in eg: the EU – then you are now supposed to charge the EU-based customer tax/VAT on those goods/services at the rate of tax that is normally charged in that specific European country – which will vary from country-to-country across the European Union currently from rates of 7.7% to 27%. There is no universal EU VAT rate for digital goods. Instead, the rates vary from 17-27% across all the countries.

Confusing? You bet it is. And that’s just the EU – then there’s the USA, which has different rates of sales tax in every State, and then there’s every other country in the world…. And once you get it all worked out and your shopping cart set up correctly you will then need to monitor the international tax rates constantly for any changes……

Selling online has become a legal and tax nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – Let Quaderno calculate local and international GST for you instead. Theyโ€™ll even automate invoices for you, too. And it’s a lot cheaper than you might think…..

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How to automate sales tax with Quaderno

Quaderno for WooCommerce Websites

“Quaderno is at the core of my business accounting and it works great when you want to get rid of all the invoice and tax hassle that comes with running a international WooCommerce store. Great support too!”

Jerome Knoot,

“Automatic invoices was never so easy. Easy to set up and it works perfectly with WooCommerce. 100% Recommended.”

Antonio Cantero, Woodemia

(PS: And yes, they also have a Quaderno plugin for WordPress, so integrating Quaderno into your WooCommerce website is quick and painless – and if I haven’t already convinced you that Quaderno is worth trying, then perhaps the reviews on for the plugin and the Quaderno service will…You can read them here (NOTE: EXTERNAL LINK –

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