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Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms Worldwide in 2020

Popular E-Commerce Platforms Worldwide in 2020 - image

The statistic graphic below shows the leading e-commerce platforms in use Worldwide in 2020. E-commerce software is the technology that manages the online store processes, from managing inventory, to adding or removing products, to calculating taxes and fulfilling orders.

Given the fast growth of e-commerce salesglobal retail e-commerce sales are forecast to reach 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars by 2023 – it is hardly surprising that the e-commerce software market is also expanding.

In 2020 the most popular E-Commerce platform Worldwide in 2020 was WooCommerce (28.24%) followed by Squarespace (17.69%) according to Far behind in third place was Shopify (10.98%). MonsterCommerce was in fourth place (5.99%).

Interestingly WooCommerce, the #1 Worldwide E-Commerce platform, has a big lead on all of it’s competitors, with even it’s closest rival Squarespace lagging far behind with only 17.69% of global market share. Magento limps into the global top list at #6 with a tiny 3.44%.

Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms in Worldwide in 2020

Of the six most popular platforms in USA in 2015 most did not make it into the Worldwide 2020 top ten list, including the once popular Virtuemart (Joomla), and Prestashop. And Magento – once the #1 most popular in the US – has slipped to only 3.44% globally and a mere 2.45% in the US. Magento Enterprise, which once had 4.5% of the markets share in the US in 2015 is no longer in the US top ten list nor does it rank in the top ten globally (….possibly due to its humongous fees of USD $24,000 per year…).

The charts also illustrate the importance of user experience (and in particular, how easy a product is to use and manage – eg: Virtuemart and Magento are not exactly easy for beginners) and other factors. There is also a trend towards hosted e-commerce stores. However WooCommerce, despite being largely a self-hosted software installation like Virtuemart, Prestashop & Magento, has probably remained so popular because it is so easy to use, and the large range of free and inexpensive extensions available.

Below: Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms in US in 2020:

Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms in USA in 2020

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Karen Banting is co-founder and co-CEO of She is an experienced expert in WordPress, graphic design and content marketing. specialises in online services, website design/development and tools for bloggers, e-entrepreneurs and businesses of any size to support and grow their business on the web.


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